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"Mike combines song, dance and characters in a hilarious and moving autobiography about survival that at one moment will touch you deeply and the next make you roar with laughter."

--Times Square Chronicles


Rising above many artists, Mike has likeability and charm to spare. -LA ARTS ONLINE.  

CAST:  Mike Cline - Films:  (Partial) Dreamgirls, Heal, Legally Blonde, Quiz Show, Don't Drink The Water, Sabrina, Reel Evil, Undercurrent;  T.V: CSI:Cyber, Sex and the City,  Life, Murder Book, Oz, Usual Suspects, One Life To Live, Gunrunner Billy Kane, All My Children, The Street.

BROADWAY/THEATRE: Me and My Girl, Singing in the Rain, Falsettos, Jesus Christ Superstar, 42nd Street, Fiddler. Off-Bway: To Whom It May Concern, Of The Fields Lately, The Shadow Box.


OPEN MIKE has both E and hard copy press packets and is appropriate for 50 to 500 seat venues. It has a simple set and runs 80 minutes. All music is on tracks and covered under a blanket ASCAP license at most theatres.


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OPEN MIKE is an hilarious, moving and poignant award winning solo musical that's received standing ovations here and abroad. OPEN MIKE garnered rave reviews and multiple awards before touring the Mediterranean along side Grammy award-winning Deborah Cox and TV/Broadway star, Cheyenne Jackson. OPEN MIKE was then chosen to debut in New York at the Off Broadway TADA THEATRE.


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